金錢兜 Polyscias balfouriana Bailey.


Polyscias likes a warm, humid and sunny environment, tolerant to half shade, not cold, and afraid of drought. It can be placed in a brightly lit room for a long time in the family. If you can see the sunshine indoors for several hours a day, it will grow more vigorously. In summer Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight outside, keep the pot soil moist and not accumulate water during the growth period, and often spray the plants with water close to the room temperature to increase the air humidity and make the leaves fresh.



Please note that if you have your own pot, you can choose the nursery pot, and we will give you a pack of soil for you to repot. The nursery pot may be damaged during delivery.


  • :可以放室內戶外,但夏天避免陽光直接照射
  • :約1星期2次,看具體情況,挖開土壤3-4cm ,裡面乾了就可以澆水,每次澆透水從底盤流出一些水最佳,最後清理底盤積水。夏天可往葉面噴水
  • 溫度:5度以上
  • 寵物友好程度: 避免寵物接觸

Plant care

  • Light: can indoor or outdoor
  • Water: about twice a week, depending on the specific situation, dig up the soil 3-4cm, and you can water it when it is dry.Water until liquid flows through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and discard any water that has accumulated in the saucer and spray water on the leaves in summer.
  • Temperature: above 5 degrees
  • Pet-friendly degree:  avoid pets

Please note that every plant is unique. Please accept the difference in color and shape and enjoy the fun of cultivating it. It will become your unique plant.

The leaves may be damaged during transportation, which is a normal phenomenon and will return to normal after proper care.



Nursery Pot 育苗盆, Cement Pot 水泥盆


50cm, 120cm


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