Due to the epidemic, the logistics will be affected, and the delivery time will be delayed. We will notify you one day before delivery.因為疫情的關係,物流受到影響,送貨時間會延遲,我們會在送貨前一天再通知顧客。

When i can get my plant?

Our daily cut-off time is 8pm, orders placed before 8pm will be delivered the day after tomorrow

In other words, the plants ordered today can be received the day after tomorrow

After the order is confirmed, we will communicate with the customer through whatsapp to confirm

Delivery fee

For these large plants, we provide two modes of transportation, they are delivered to the downstairs of the building or delivered to the door.
Charges are different for each region, the following are the charges for different regions

Note: The charge for door-to-door delivery is only applicable to buildings that meet the following conditions (with elevators, no stairs, free parking)
If there are stairs or parking fees, the driver needs to charge you additional fees. For details, please click on the whatsapp in the lower right corner to consult

Kowloon –To door $150
To building $120

Hong Kong Island –To door $200
To building $170

Tung Chung ———————– To door $260
Discovery Bay, Ma Wan (Park Island)— To door $360
Other places in the New Territories —-To door $200

Tung Chung ———————– To building $230
Discovery Bay, Ma Wan (Park Island)—To building $330
Other places in the New Territories —–To building $170

welcome to shop at our store (address : 27,Yu Chau Street, Prince Edward,only 2 minutes from Prince Edward station exit D )








九龍 ———————- 送上門 $150
送樓下 $120

港島————————送上門 $ 200

東涌 ———————- 送上門 $260
愉景灣, 馬灣 ( 珀麗灣) ——– 送上門 $360
新界其他地方 —————-送上門 $200

東涌 ———————–送樓下 $230
愉景灣, 馬灣 ( 珀麗灣) ——–送樓下 $330
新界其他地方—————-送樓下 $170


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