灑金榕/變葉木Codiaeum variegatum



Please note that if you🌿 have your own pot, you can choose the nursery pot, and we will give you a pack of soil for you to repot. The nursery pot may be damaged during delivery.


  • :明亮散射光或直射光,適合放在露台或者戶外
  • :約3天一次,看具體情況
  • 溫度:0度以上
  • 寵物友好程度:有毒
  • 注意事項:需要有陽光

Plant care

  • Light: bright sunlight
  • Water: about every three days, depending on the specific situation
  • Temperature: above 0 degrees
  • Pet-friendly degree: toxic
  • Matters needing attention : The plant needs bright sunlight.

Nursery pot 育苗盆, White ceramic白色陶瓷盆, Grey ceramic灰色陶瓷盆, Cement pot水泥盆, 米色陶瓷盆


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